tower crane series
 Model QTZ80 tower crane 
 Model QTZ63 tower crane
 Model QTZ40 tower crane
 Model QTZ31.5B tower crane
  ◇Model QTP63 tower crane
  ◇Model QTP55 tower crane
builders lift series
 Model SC200 builders lift
 ◇Model SSE150 builders lift
Construction machinery series
 ◇Model HBT6013 concrete pump
 Model JS concrete mixer
 Model HPD800 batcher
 LSY screw conveyer
  HGY/HGD concrete spreader
 building basket
gantry bridge crane series
Single girder and block gantry crane (MH series)
Double girder and hooked gantry crane (MG series)
Single girder and hooked gantry crane (L series)
Double-girder and hooked bridge crane(QD series)
Single-girder and block bridge crane (LD series)
Trolley/bridge crane (LX series)
Bridge crane(LDS)

Company Name:CNNC Wuwei Tongxin Hoisting Equipments Corporation

Add: 199 Beiguan (W.) Road, Wuwei City, Gansu, P. R. China

Tel:+86-935-225 3077(3075)
Fax:+86-935-222 7079
Post code:733040
Email:[email protected]
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We pursue excellence in our work,

We ensure the product quality by our responsibility system,

We are working with one heart and one mind to record even greater achievements.

Tongxin Hoisting Equipments Corporation, a competitive company that embodies the spirit of the times, is devoted to manufacturing cranes with a famous Chinese brand. In this ever-changing business battlefield, the company growing out of nothing and expanding from a weak to a strong force, is ready to overcome difficulties and bear hardships…….

Ten years for a sword. People of Tongxin Corporation have always deemed it their duty to develop national brand names and have been devoted to the growth of national crane industry. The company is a professional plant integrating scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and after sales services. After ten years of operation and development, Tongxin-branded tower cranes have become a famous brand of Gansu province. Its famous brand has helped the company become the leader of the crane industry in northwest part of China, ranking the first in production and sales volume. On the other hand, the company has carved out a new development path with its own characteristics; Tongxin-branded cranes have been exported to Central Asia and Russia, laying a solid foundation for faster and better development.

Our employees are characterized by devotion, hard work, perseverance, professional ethics and all-round qualities, with 15% of employees holding university degrees, 25% junior college degrees, 27% senior high school degrees and 33% technical school degrees. All our employees are highly skilled and professional.

The company is equipped with complete and advanced facilities and has complete measurement and testing systems. We have steel shot blasting rust pretreatment equipments, punch bending machines, submerged arc welding, CO2 gas shielded welding machines and the ultrasonic nondestructive testing equipments; we also have all types of cutting equipments such as CNC lathes and CNC flame cutting machines, shape cutting machines and efficient band sawing machines, all these advanced equipments provide a powerful guarantee for producing high quality products.

With its determination and perseverance, Tongxin Company exerts itself to make it more prosperous and is striving toward a better and brighter future.

   Company Name:CNNC Wuwei Tongxin Hoisting Equipments Corporation add:199 Beiguan (W.) Road, Wuwei City, Gansu, P. R. China

             Post code:733040  Tel:+86-935-225 3077(3075) Fax:+86-935-222 7079   陇ICP备06004078号